Business Solutions

Teleluft offers bunch of Telephony solutions for Business users.

  • Click to call solutions with Phoner and PhonerLite
  • Click to call from Outlook
  • Click to call from CRM
  • Global least cost Routing ( LCR ) from your Existing PBX / IPPBX
  • Direct calling from IP Phone and ATA

Services for European car Dealers

Teleluft supports click to call solutions with Phoner and PhonerLite, that is very popular among Europen car dealers. Teleluft provides high speed calling services to all major European countries, especially to German Mobile and landlines. Our services are compactable with all available car search programs (autosuchamachine) that captures live deals at real-time.

Why Teleluft as provider for European car dealers:

  • Very fast dialing
  • Compactable with Phoner and PhonerLite
  • Low rate to mobile and landlines
  • High quality

Configuration for Phoner and PhonerLite is available Phoner and PhonerLite
More tips and tricks to make faster calls – see our blog Teleluft Blog

Teleluft for Organizations / Firms / Call centers

Teleluft offers bulk calling solutions for organizations/small-large scale companies. We also offer a general account for HR or IT departments so that they can manage user accounts.

If you wish such an account please open a ticket under


  • Single account for the organization
  • Full cost control by HR or IT
  • Co-workers can make calls using Windows client, APP or IP Phone
  • Manage accounts easily by administrator

Call centers

You can use Teleluft as high quality trucking solution for your call center infrastructure.


  • Unlimited number of concurrent calls
  • High quality premium routes
  • Work on open standard SIP protocol
  • Works on port 5060 and 6000

For more information about our offers and services please contact our customer support team.

Reselling Service

You can start your own business in Telecom market using our reselling services. Log in to to become a reseller, and start your business with in 24 hours!

We offer our resellers

  • No minimum purchase volume
  • 100 % white CLI routes
  • On-line training and support
  • Apps for IOS devices to manage your clients.
  • 24/7 Network operating centres ( NOC ) in Europe and in USA.

Please contact our service team for more Information.

Teleluft Tool Resellers and Organizations / Firms

Teleluft Account Management System (TeleluftAMS) is an advanced and powerful tool to manage your users in our VoIP reselling system.Using this App you can manage your customers with out help of a PC.In this version 1.0 you can do the following tasks.

  1. Add a new user
  2. Block and unblock your user
  3. Add or remove credit from a user
  4. Change the password of a user
  5. Add a new geocallerID to a user