Question and Answers

Can I make emergency calls using Teleluft ?

No you can not make any emergency calls using Teleluft.

Can I receive calls using Teleluft ?

No, you can not receive any calls using Teleluft.

Can I call free Service like 0800 Numbers ?

Yes we support calls to 0800 Numbers in some countries.Please check the rate list for supported countries.

Can I send SMS from my Teleluft ?

No. you can not send any SMS

Which are the payment methods available for Teleluft ?

Teleluft accepts payments made with your Credit card(Visa,Master and American Express), Debit card, Sofort Banking(Online Banking), Moneybookers, PayPal and Western Union(from 50 EUR)

Is there any fee aplay for Transactions ?

There is a fee applicable to every purchase.

How long it will take till my account is credited ?

Your account is credited soon us your paymet is approved from the Provider.Normaly it takes only few sceonds.In some cases it will delay up to few hours.

How I can reset my password ?

Please go the to the Login page and click on "forgot your Password". Enter your User-name in following format user*teleluftcom and enter the captcha and click on retrieve password.